On the 9th of December Neuland held its third Neuland CTF at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

Capture The Flag is a competition where you can legally hack and exploit intentionally vulnerable programs or websites. The participants solved tasks in the categories web, steganography, blue team, cryptography, osint (open source intelligence), reverse engineering, pwn/binary exploitation and miscellaneous tasks. For every hack the participants received a flag that secured them points and a place on the scoreboard. The Neuland CTF is beginner-friendly and includes tasks for all levels of experience.

About 45 participants spent 8 hours solving challenges and making new friends. If you want to try the challenges for yourself, here is the link to the corresponding GitHub repository. To round off the event, we wrote a blog post detailing the solutions to the challenges.

Following are the links to the writeups on the blog:

Thanks again to our sponsors!